Welcome to our web site.

Weare honored to welcome our precious customers
in Familia Hotel and our other hotel Villa Familia.

Hotel Villa Familia; 
We are waiting for you to your home in nature which has lots of cultural
richness.Hotel Villa Familia is just an hour to İstanbul. Our hotel has a total
of 15 rooms including three suites with capacity of 33 beds. Inaddition to
this, 500  person capacity out door restaurant, 50 person capacity in door
restaurant, a pool sides nack bar, a semi-olympic out door swimming pool,
out door swimming pool for children, off shock pool, tenis court, volleyball,
basketball courtare available. 

Otel Familia; 

Let’smeet at the junction of the present invention of Istanbul, Bursa,
Yalova, Iznik city centert olive a privileged warm the family life in Hotel
Familia. Stay on the shores of history and the unique nature of the Iznık
Lake in Bursa – Orhangazi. Choose one of the out door activities such as
long trekking, biking, angling, canoeing around the lake all day.End your
night in the warm atmosphere of the hotel's nights pots which starts
withthe unique lake sunset.Our hotel has 25 rooms with a capacity of
50 beds. Our rooms are available with shower, WC, minibar, LCD TV.
Inaddition to this, our hotel has a restaurant for 60 people and an
american bar lounge for 60 people.There is also a sauna for four people
and laundry services available.